Thursday, 4 November 2010

Pop My blogging Cherry

Ok...So this is my first ever blog! You could even say I'm a bit of a virgin to blogging, but I’m here now and my cherry has officially been popped. You see I’ve attempted (unsuccessfully) to avoid jumping on the bandwagon of this so called blogging phenomena but as you can see I’m here blogging my little heart away. I'm Isabella Monroe by the way and I’m going to share with you my life. I'm a young professional living life as a singleton in the heart of London. Yes a singleton! But I’ll come back to that. I’m a pretty ordinary individual and like to do pretty ordinary things like hang out with friends, listen to music...keep up with fashion trends, have the occasional glass of wine or two etc (all of which I will be blogging about)...Judging by that you would think I have a normal life. My life is anything but normal!! I seem to attract the weirdest situations and get caught up in the unlikeliest circumstances. Like the fact that I was living in close proximity to a murderer!!!! Or the time when I unknowingly walked through the set of a program being filmed outside my house (the production team was not impressed)...but it was hardly my fault they should have had signs posted up saying ‘Filming in progress’...I was just innocently trying to get from A to B. Not forgetting the time when I was viciously dragged out of my house by a hot fireman, because a gas cylinder was about to explode in the next apartment. Oh yea and I currently have a stalker!! As you can tell I seem to be a pulling magnet to strange situations and mishaps which I’m going to share with you from now on. My blog is my zone, my sanctuary and my mind.  I am Isabella Monroe and I’m letting you In.

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